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“Two Dates and a Funeral”
Season 3, Episode 8
Air Date

July 1, 2013


Jim O'Doherty


Jason Earles

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Jack Stands Alone


Win, Lose or Ty

Two Dates and a Funeral is an episode in Season 3 of Kickin' It and it aired on July 1, 2013.


Seaford High holds a Charity Date Auction to raise money for the school marching band. Kim and Jack admit that they have feelings for each other, and try to date without anyone finding out and luckily, they end up having a romantic date. Meanwhile, Sam enters the talent show and Rudy wants him to do karate.



Jerry: [to Jack] To win an auction, you've got to play it smooth. Let the other bidders make the first move.
Milton: Up next is Carol Thompson.
Milton: Ooh, okay! Who'll give me sixty?
Jack: Smooth, Jerry, smooth.

Kim: I know it's for a good cause, but I can't believe I'm gonna have to go on a date with Albert.
Milton: Here's a little trick. If you need to end a date with a nerd early, lean in, blow in his ear. [blows] He'll faint, you run. [smiles and leaves]
Jack: Umm... hey, Kim... [stutters and turns toward her] uh... y-you're not gonna have to go on that date with Albert. [smiles]
Kim: Yeah I am, he had the highest bid!
Jack: W-well, he did the bidding, but it wasn't for himself... It was for me.
Kim: [turns to Jack and smiles] What? Really, why?
Jack: [stands up] I don't know... I guess the thought of you going out with some other guy... to be honest, it kinda bothered me.
Kim: [stands and faces Jack] What are you saying, Jack?
Jack: I'm saying that maybe we should go on a...
Kim: outing?
Jack: We could definitely do an outing!
Kim: An outing!
Jack: Yeah, yeah!

Kim: [bites lip and smiles at "J+K" labeled bracelet that she made]

Jack: [looks at corsage in which he's buying] that's perfect. You know, I've never actually bought a corsage before. I'm pretty excited. It's for my new girlfr--person.

Kim: [pulls out bracelet and smiles] this is for you. [puts on Jack's wrist]
Jack: [chuckles] I had to hike up the side of a mountain to bury your corsage.
Kim: and I had to pretend to be Jerry's crazy girlfriend. All this... [smiles] just so we can go on a date.
Jack: You know what? You're worth it.
[Kim and Jack hold hands and begin to walk. Jack playfully kicks Kim, and they both laugh.]


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