Gender Female
Nationality: Hachmaki (presumed)
Professional Information
  Chef at Phalafel Phil's
  Falafel Phil's
Friends and Family
Falafel Phil
Rudy Gillespie
Last Appearance

Tootsie is Falafel Phil's pet goat who helps him run his restaurant. It is shown in Wax on, Wax off that Falafel Phil's power is powered by Tootsie running on a treadmill. She seems to like Rudy as seen in The Great Escape. She has a tendecy to eat things she isn't suppose too. As shown in We Are Family Tootsie ate her hair tips and her timer. Later in the episode, she was goat napped by Jerry's ex-boss the Meatball King but was saved in the end. In The Great Escape Rudy goat sits for Phil and says she is a chick magnet. Rudy believed that she ate his mood ring and calculator in Buddyguards, but it turned out that out the mood ring was in the falafel ball under Milton's armpit. Tootsie has also appeared in Wazombie Warriors, in which she talks, calls Falafel Phil a "dimwit", and turns Eddie into a zompyre.