• Firstly, thanks for stopping by to take care of some of the mess. I was wondering do VSTF members not touch MW threads? I noticed you cleaned up the article-related edits but none of the others. I removed all the replies on my wall though I noticed this thread's still hanging out and really should be deleted too (figures as soon as I retired someone would be inappropriate).

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    • It's a touchy area since it technically could be considered more under social scope, however, doing another look it definitely isn't constructive and can fall under vandalism.

      It's best to be more careful when dealing with thread edits. Especially if the user in question at a previous date was adding relevant comments. So it pays to be cautious before deleting everything (which sometimes some of us may be guilty at making mistakes with that). Generally though, we can delete thread edits if it's spam/vandalism yes.

      Thanks for directing my attention towards it, it definitely needs cleaned up! And not a problem at all you're certainly welcome.

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    • Thanks for the reasoning, as I'm not familiar with specific tools of VSTF. I can understand not wanted to accidentally remove relevant comments and caution is always appreciated.

      I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last round of nonsense.

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    • I can adjust the block or if they come on a different account/different wiki you can always shoot another report.

      Of course, administrators are allowed to overrule our blocks so never feel shy to remove or alter themĀ :)

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    • Can't really do so here as I'm not an Admin anymore. Probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't get ten notifications from the wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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