• Hey, I'm editing my profile and I have a load of Jarry userboxes and I want to put them under a show/hide thing (where you click it and the list drops down) but it's not working. I've seen it on another wiki and it works, d'you reckon it's 'cause I'm trying to hide userboxes or it needs different coding to the other wiki? (Sorry if that's confusing)

    And I saw about you leaving, how's this place gonna run (although not that it really is much anymore) without admins? You're pretty much the only admin on here, and no offense to the others, but the only fair and deccent one here. </ font>

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    • Fix ya up.

      As I previously stated, I never intended to stay long term (mostly because I was having trouble actually watching the episodes - I've one watched one since the mid-season two). I do, however, have no intention of permanently leaving until the end of the series. I'm not as active this semester due to my larger workload (featured content was never updated for Oct). I will try again to get you promoted and/or gain bureaucratic rights myself.

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    • Aww, thanks, it looks better now. I can get to hiding more stuff and making more room.¬†:) And since you're good at coding, how would I change the color of my infobox? I don't like it being pink (I swear they were green by default, anyway?)

      Given the new episode and what a train-wreck this season seems (why is Milton suddenly the lead guy as it seems and why is Jerry always getting shoved to the side? and why was he not with Izzy and Jack in the episodes back in season 3? Canon butchering much? -_-) I wouldn't blame you or anyone for losing interest in the show. Since Olivia left, everyone's interest just seems to have depleted a lot since Kick - as much as I hate to admit it - was a big thing for pretty much everyone here.

      And why would you get me promoted or tried to? I didn't get the highest amount of votes in the admin debate thing.

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    • The default was green but someone joined the wiki just to change it to pink and make no other edits. I changed the default to the green of the wiki navigation and added the optional parameter so people can change the color without changing the code.

      It wasn't because I lost interest. I just got tired of trying to find the episodes (I was the original collector of links for people on Youtube, popular video for the series until they became too difficult, as they weren't difficult to start with). I got to a point where I just couldn't find them anymore.

      As I stated one, two, or three of you were meant to be promoted. ILuvAllpacas26 informed me she wouldn't want to be an Admin anymore. If I could of I would have promoted all of you right after the vote but, of course, the bureaucrat meant to promote y'all changed his mind about promoting anyone.

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    • Okay, that's cool.¬†:)

      I think the only way you can find links now anyway is for about five seconds then they get taken down for copyright. -_- They're really clamping down hard now; I used to watch Queer as Folk US on YT and all the episodes from all five seasons had been on there since like 2009 or something, then they were all gone around last year which sucked.

      Well, I'd be happy to be an admin if things get sorted, I come on here a lot, although not as much as I used to since there's hardly any activity or discussions (unless you count the kick page, but they never really talked about Kick anyway unless there was really something to fan-girl about)

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