The Wasabitron 3000 is a robot which replaced Rudy as sensei in Rock'em Sock'em Rudy. It was brought to the dojo by Bobby when he fired Rudy and kept the robot. It was a great training tool and helped the kids get better at karate. Kim seems to be its favorite student because it thinks she's flawless. It also thinks Jerry is a monkey but finally later on trains with him.

It was destroyed with the help of all the Wasabi Warriors when it became violent because it deemed humans imperfect. The Wasabi Warriors recited the wasabi code and it could not handle the fact that humans couldn't beat him but didn't give up. It then shut down. Rudy kicked the robot, breaking it. It also has a shredding tool which shreds paper and shoots shredded paper out of his back which Jerry enjoys. It also makes a ting and a bzzz noise when someone lies or tells the truth or when the fact is true or false. It also seems to like Jolly Whoppers from the vending machine.

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