There is a list of many villains and antagonists that appeared in many Seasons of Kickin' It. They appeared in the first, second, third, and fourth seasons.


In Seaford, California, it is implied that there's more crime and corruption in the city, including school bullying. This led to many villains and antagonists. Seaford, California is not the only one with more villains and antagonists, but other places all over as well. People all over do many bad things, which includes insults on many people, hating, making fun of people, attacking and hurting people, stealing, bad and negative behaviors, rivalry, fraud, bullying, robbery, being mean to many people, crimes, corruption, and orchestrations. Some villains and antagonists are being mean to people, and others will hurt them or attack them. Some antagonists won't hurt people, but being bad and cruel to them as well. Rivals are also the antagonists. However, the good Main characters of Kickin' It, will use their martial arts to stop them if the antagonists commits many crimes. Bad people in Kickin' It (TV series), includes criminals, bullies, mean people, rivals, and many corrupt people. The Black Dragons is one of the main rivals in the show. In the show, the Wasabi Warriors, one of the Main characters of Kickin' It (TV series), will use their martial arts to fight against villains and antagonists. The Wasabi Warriors will also bring bad guys to justice.

The List

The villains and antagonists, includes criminals, bullies, convicts, robbers, mean people, rivals, thieves and many corrupt people.

Historical Villains

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