Nikki is what she calls an 'ordinary' girl from Yucca Valley. Yucca Valley is a small town in California, that has a very western look to it. Nikki's father is the mayor of Yucca Valley, and every year he hosts the Yucca Valley Cactus Festival. Nikki saw a video about Milton, Jerry, and Joan, calling themselves the Tiger Trio. She believed that they were great at karate, so her dad invited them to perform at the Yucca Valley Cactus Festival. When they showed up, Nikki found herself attracted to Milton, who called himself Jaws. Apparently Milton was attracted to her as well, because he accidentally called her 'Legs.' As Nikki gets ready to enjoy the festival, a group called the Diablos comes and watches Milton and his friends putting on a show. They are seen taking cotton candy and bean soup from people in the festival. After getting hit with a board, a member threatens to come back and destroy the town. Nikki explains that the Diablos ruin every Yucca Valley Cactus Festival that has ever been put on. She later finds out that the Tiger Trio are running away from the Diablos to avoid a fight. Nikki tries to convince them to come back, but finds out that they are a fake. This upsets her because she believed in them. As Nikki leaves them to run, Jerry stops her, and tells her that they never got paid, which upsets her more. Later the Tiger Trio do return to fight, and Nikki stands up to the Diablos saying that the town isn't going to run anymore. Eventually, the town wins and is finally left alone by the Diablos. Nikki then stands at the front of the town, and begins a 'Tiger Trio! Tiger Trio! Tiger Trio!' chant. As she is thanking Milton Jerry and Joan, she accidentally forgets Joan's stage name, Claws. She thanks them one final time, and kisses Milton on the cheek which causes him to crush a brick. They then leave holding hands

Nikki kiss milton

Nikki kissing Milton on the cheek


From Zeros to Heroes


Nikki is portrayed by Madalyn Horcher.

Madalyn Horcher

Madalyn Horcher, portrayal of Nikki.

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