Mr Turner

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner is the new owner of the mall and Arthur's father, who gave him everything he wanted. He made new renovations to the mall, including wanting to put a parking lot where the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy was located. Rudy promised that his son would be able to make new friends at the dojo, but when Rudy refused to kick Jack out of the dojo when ordered to, Mr. Turner was going to shut the place down. He even brought in a wrecking ball to scare the Wasabi Warriors out of the dojo when they were boycotting the demolition. From that dialouge, he seemed to have not wanted to hurt the kids, but just scare them off, unlike Arthur. He seemed to be a bad parent, but in the end, he took charge at his spoiled son, grounding him for almost tearing down the dojo with the kids and Rudy inside.