Milton D. Krupnick and Mika



Portrayed by:

Dylan Riley Snyder and Oana Gregory

Mita (Milton and Mika) is the friendship pairing of Milton Krupnick and Mika.

This pairing has not really been discussed, nor does it have many shippers, but there have been signs of interest throughout the show.

Mita Moments

Kickin' It Old School

  • Milton got lovestruck when Mika walked out of the kitchen in Falafel Phil's and thought she was pretty when she was first introduced to the gang.

Wedding Crashers

  • When Milton was talking about the wedding, Mika was right next to him
  • Milton and Mika were standing next to each other when Rudy was talking to Bobby about the wedding
  • When Milton and Mika were fighting in Hakmaki, they were getting closer to each other
  • When Milton talked about ruining the wedding, Mika grinned and laughed
  • When Rudy was talking to Leona about being married, Mika was behind him, checking Milton out.
  • Both Milton and Mika tried to save the cake together
  • When Eddie warned Jack about the ninja, Milton and Mika were about to hold hands
  • When Leona fell into the cake, Mika and Milton’s shoulders were touching.
  • Milton and Mika were looking at each other when Bobby were talking about

Sole Brothers

  • Mika got grossed out on Milton's report on poop
  • Both Mika and Milton are grossed out when Rudy and Ms. Applebaum were flirting

Mita Quotes

Wedding Crashers

Sole Brothers

Milton: And so the lonely peanut passes through the large intestine, out the rectum, and into your toliet bowl. And that, my friends, is the scoop on poop.

Mika: I do not think I'm ever eating again.

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