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Leo Howard and Mateo Arias


Very Close Friends


Kickin' It

Mateleo is the friendship of Mateo Arias and Leo Howard.They are seen to be very good friends.

Mateleo Moments

  • Mateo takes a picture of Leo playing guitar and calling him a straight boss as seen here
  • Leo tells Mateo he's rocking the snap back and he's proud of it and Mateo is really proud of him as seen here
  • Mateo tweets Leo Happy Birthday and tells him he loves him as seen here
  • Mateo tells everyone to follow Leo and calls him his 'brotha' as seen here
  • Leo says Mateo is really goofy and funny and actually he's cooler than you think from his character as seen here
  • Leo had lunch with Mateo and Matt Soko as seen here and here and here
  • Leo tweets a picture of a salad to Mateo as seen here Mateo tells him to put the salad away if it has no protein then it's not worth it as seen here
  • Leo has a picture of Mateo on instagram saying ] whoisleo @ispymateo missing his babies!!! as seen here
  • He also has a picture of him sleeping saying whoisleo Real G's need sleep too... as seen
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    @whoisleo Real G's need sleep too..

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    Leo Instagram

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