MateDylan is the friendship of Mateo Arias and Dylan Riley Snyder. They look like really close friends and often tweet each other.





Mateo Arias and Dylan Riley Snyder


Really good friends


Kickin It

MateDylan Moments

  • Mateo wishes Dylan a happy birthday saying he loves him and hope he has a great day as seen here
  • Dylan posts a vid doing shoutouts with Mateo and Austin as seen here and Mateo says that video is hilarious and he wasn't sure if Dylan was going to put it and he hates him for that as seen here
  • Mateo and Dylan have a crazy conversation on twitter with Sierra McClain as seen here here here here here and here
  • Mateo tweets about loving Adele and Dylan agrees and says he will see Mateo on Wednesday as seen here and Mateo says he freaking loves Dylan as seen here
  • Mateo tweets about watching the film warrior and Dylan tweets back saying he hasn't seen it as seen here Mateo recommends Dylan to watch the film as seen here
  • Mateo tweets about loving his brother and Dylan says they have bonds that keep them together as seen here Mateo agrees and says love u brotha to Dylan here
  • Dylan tweets wishing Happy Birthday to Cassidy a girl who Dylan treats as a sister and Mateo tweets Dylan saying to tell his sister happy birthday from him as seen here
  • Dylan tweets Mateo saying he looked awesome in the braveheart getup and Mateo tweets back saying Dylan looked sick too and says love u homie and see you tomorrow in the end here
  • Mateo tells everyone to go follow Dylan and how he freakishly loves this kid referring to Dylan here
  • Mateo and Dylan attend Elizabeth Glazer Aids Foundation Funraidser together here
  • Dylan tweets Mateo a welcome home tweet and says it begins, Mateo says thanks brotha and tells him its about to go down as seen here

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