This a page of lists of machines that have appeared on Kickin' It.

  • The Wasabatron 3000 is a robot made by Bobby Wasabi that teaches all forms of karate. Also, it becomes progressively more violent once it figures out that humans are not perfect. (Rock'em Sock'em Rudy)
  • The Miltonataor was a joined project by Eddie and Milton in attempt to stop the Wasabatron 3000 from killing all of humanity. At first sight it looked small and the Wasabatron quickly defeated it, but after some quick rewiring and being turned into a vacuum, it showed it was quite intelligent, being able to tell when Rudy insulted it and growing to full form, bigger than an average full grown man. (Rock'em Sock'em Rudy)
  • Evacutron 5000 was a gift from Mr. Turner, the mall owner, to convince Rudy to allow Arthur to join the dojo. It is a high tech toilet with seat warmers, voice control, and toilet waffles. Rudy accepts it and allows Arthur to join because otherwise Mr. Turner would will tear down the dojo. Jack is upset about the bribery, but decides to accept it to save the dojo. At the end, the toilet leaves because Rudy used a porta potty so Rudy goes back to Myrtle, his old broken tiolet. (Dojo Day Afternoon )
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