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Gender Female
Age 15
Friends and Family
Love interests
Jack (Crush/Obsession)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Wazombie Warriors
Portrayed by
Sadie Calvano
Lindsay is a student at Seaford High who appeared in the episode "Wazombie Warriors." It is shown that she has a crush on Jack and strongly dislikes Kim. In Kim's dream Lindsay is shown as Jack's over-controlling girlfriend who turns them over to the zompyres. She is also one of the school bullies. Lindsay is portrayed by Sadie Calvano.

Appearance And Personality

Lindsay is a skinny, average girl. She has light brown hair, and green eyes. She is known as someone with a slight attitude, although she may act like an ordinary girl at some points. In Kim's dream she is known to be Jack's over-protected girlfriend.(Wazombie Warriors)


Jack - She seems to have a crush on him and appears to be on a date to the movies with Jack.

Kim - Lindsay and Kim seem to have a rivalry against each other. She only shows her mean side to Kim for some reason. 

Jerry - Jerry set up Jack and Lindsay on a date so he could go on a date with his long term crush.

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