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Kickin' It is American comedy television series, which debuted on June 13, 2011 and concluded on March 25, 2015 on Disney XD. The series stars former Hannah Montana star Jason Earles, Leo Howard from Leo Little's Big Show and Moises Arias' brother: Mateo Arias. During the show's development, it was also known by the title "Wasabi Warriors". The pilot episode of Kickin' It was filmed in August 2010. This program is rated TV-Y7.

Latest Episode

Season 4, Episode 18: The Grandmaster

Kim returns from Japan with her sensei, Tomo, who’s interested in hiring Rudy for a position at the prestigious Otai. He interviews the gang about their sensei and after hearing about the impact he’s had on their lives, Sensei Tomo makes Rudy the offer of a lifetime.

Featured User

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Featured Character
Rudy Gillespie
Kung Fu Cop 500

Rudy is the owner and sensei of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. He is a third degree black belt and is one of the few characters in the series that has beaten Jack. Though he's often childish, he is charming to the ladies and honorable when necessary. Rudy is portrayed by Jason Earles.

Featured Episode
The Battle of Seaford Hill
The Battle of Seaford Hill
Seaford is celebrating the bi-centennial of the famous victory at Seaford Hill, which was nearly lost by one of Jerry's ancient relatives. But when Jerry learns that history got it wrong, he sets out to prove that his ancestor was a true war hero.
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    Hey I'm back!

    June 28, 2015 by Bearanting

    Hey Kickers or I should say Kickin'it fans,

    Anyway I haven't been this all week beacuse my studies are really killing me and I'm really tried to do my…

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