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Kickin' It is American comedy television series, which debuted on June 13, 2011 on Disney XD. The series stars former Hannah Montana star Jason Earles, Leo Howard from Leo Little's Big Show and Moises Arias' brother: Mateo Arias. During the show's development, it was also known by the title "Wasabi Warriors". The pilot episode of Kickin' It was filmed in August 2010. This program is rated TV-Y7.

Latest Episode

Season 4, Episode 14: Seaford Hustle

Milton fears his dreams of going to Oxbridge University are ruined until he meets Tom, the president of a powerful brotherhood that can help him. But when he discovers Tom has an evil agenda to steal an original Star Wars lightsaber, Milton must decide how far he is willing to go to achieve his dream. When Kim visits Jack in Seaford, he has a dream sequence where he envisions himself as a Jedi saving her from forces trying to steal her away again.

Featured User

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Featured Character
Izzy Gunnar

Izzy is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Kung Fu Lightning. Although Izzy is nice, he is also irresponsible and fun-loving, constantly ditching his responsibilities to do things like skydiving. He has appeared in three episodes so far, first of which is Buddyguards, and is portrayed by Eric Tiede.

Featured Episode
Return of Spyfall
Screenshot 2014-01-20-17-53-23
Jack and Milton get the surprise of their lives when they are invited to join an elite team of teenage spies that handle secret missions.
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