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{{Infobox_character |name = Kai Brewer |gender = Male |title1 = Allies |other1 = Sensei Ty, Frank |portray = Troy Romzek|image = Kai.png|first = Kickin' It in China|Last = Win, Lose or Ty |affiliations = Black Dragons |title2 = Enemies |other2 = Kai is the Junior World Karate Champion and is Jack's cousin.


Jack and Kai were both taught by their grandfather, (who also taught Bobby Wasabi ). Unlike Jack, who cares about discipline and respect, Kai cares more about winning and is very competitive. He defeated Jack so badly, Jack quit karate until he moved to Seaford. Since then, he and Jack don't get along and have a type of rivalry. He later came to Seaford and joined the Black Dragons because he heard they were Jack's rivals.
Kai Brewer


  • Unnamed grandfather


  • His last name is never revealed but it might be Brewer since Jack is his cousin.


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