You broke eye contact which means you don't trust me, these calluses on your hand mean you're not holding your bo staff correctly, and that cheap hair gel you use is gonna make you bald by the time you're 30.
— -Grey, to Jack
Grey Cole
Gender Female
Age 16
Professional Information
  Spy & Magician
Friends and Family
Jack Brewer

Shane Peters

Love interests
Milton Krupnick
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Other Information
Portrayed by
Lulu Antariksa

Grey Cole is a 16-year-old female spy, along with Jack Brewer, Shane, and Milton Krupnick. She is a pickpocket (or as described by Jack, "a petty thief"). She is able to read people and use simple clues to decipher things, as well as knowing a few magic tricks. It's assumed she will be in future episodes, as Jack and Milton joined the spy team permanently, though she may not be in future episodes since the spy headquarters was destroyed.

Grey is portrayed by Lulu Antariksa.