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Phillip "Falafel Phil" Juan Rivera is the owner of the restaurant Falafel Phil's which is famous for its falafel balls. Phil is a foreigner who has a pet goat named Tootsie (that Rudy falls for in "The Great Escape") to help him run his restaurant. It is shown he and Rudy go along well, despite the little fights they have sometimes. He once joined Rudy's band, stating that he once was in a successful band. His hit single was "Baby's Got the Noosh."

Personal Life

Phil is from the Fictional country of Hachmakitan. (It was made to not offend any real life foreign countries.)

There, his 1st Job was a speed bump.

He and his cousin Carl came to America to open up a restaurant. They had many different Ideas, So Carl opened up Carl's Kabobs, and Phil opened up his place, Falafel Phil's.

He lied to his mother, because Falafel-Making is the second worst job to be in. He pretended to be King of the Futons.

He has a twin sister that looks exactly like him. He planned for her to win the 1,000,000th customer. When they started arguing, Rudy walked in and became the One Millionth Customer instead.

He has a niece, Mika. Phil says she is ugly. (In Hachmakistan, Beauty and Ugliness are opposite.) He helped her get revenge on Jerry for saying Mika "was" his Girlfriend.

In Season 4, Phil opens up Phil's Bowl and Burger.



Phil and Kim :D (Olivia and Dan :)

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