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Falafel Phil is the owner of the restaurant Falafel Phil's which is famous for its falafel balls. Phil is a foreigner who has a pet goat named Tootsie (that Rudy falls for in "The Great Escape") to help him run his restaurant. It is shown he and Rudy go along well, despite the little fights they have sometimes. He once joined Rudy's band, stating that he once was in a successful band. His hit single was "Baby's Got the Noosh."

Phil was his village electrician, and village technician before moving to Seaford to run a Falafel restraunt. Falafel Phil replaced Lonnie in the episode Ricky Weaver. His hit single was Baby's Got The Noosh as seen in Rowdy Rudy this is his ringtone on his cellphone. He is shown to care deeply and love his goat Toostie as shown in The Great Escape and even cried and begged for Rudy to return Toostie to him. He has a video called Man Kisses Goat which earned millions of views on the interenet. But Rudy's Video beat his by an unknown amount. Phil seems to dislike Captain Corndog because its his main rival in business as seen in The Great Escape. He joined the Black Belt Boyz in Ricky Weaver. In "Kickin' It Old School," it is revealed that he has a niece named Mika who is visiting Seaford.

In season 3 in the first episode the British secret agent 34 was sent to stop Phil from eliminating the prince and Kim and everybody else at the royal dance.

Falafel Phil has appeared in these Episodes

Phil and Kim :D (Olivia and Dan :)
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