Carson Hunter
Gender Male
Hometown: Seaford
Friends and Family
Rudy, Milton, Eddie, and Kim
Love interests
Other Information
First Appearance
  New Jack City
Portrayed by
Boo Boo Stewart
128659 0267-kickin-it-300x300
Carson, an old friend of the gang, Rudy's former star student, and has been transfered back to Seaford with his family. He is a Black Belt and is commonly refered to as "The Old Jack". He had somewhat of a relationship with Kim before he left and was friends with each of the warriors (other than Jack) making him a replica of Jack. He is portrayed by Boo Boo Stewart. He might've joined the Black Dragons after being banished from the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. It's unknown if he will be a recurring character but it is highly speculated he will not.
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